Edward knew from early on that one day he was going to be an actor. While his schoolmates were playing soccer in their free time, Edward was writing and recording radio plays at home. Later on he created short feature films, some of which participated quite successfully at numerous festivals worldwide. Making up stories and performing them to an audience has always been a part of his life. Becoming an actor, therefore, was not a dream but a natural consequence.

His line of action is as wide as possible: theater, film, music, dubbing, commercials, radio plays... The variety of the profession knows no boundaries and Edward loves to exploit any of these possibilities. His curiosity, his slight tendency towards perfectionism, his imagination, and most of all his joy for acting didn’t get lost even 21 years after his first major TV role.

Edward describes himself as a movie-maniac, he watches them with the same passion as he makes them. To constantly enhance his abilities as an actor, he regularly works with various acting coaches. For his job, he is also ready to make sacrifices: He still can’t play soccer.