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Documentary feature voice-over
The documentary feature „Encordés“ by Frédéric Favre ist currently dubbed in german in Ostermundigen (BE). Edward Piccin is one of the four voice-over talents. The film will be shown on SRF, Bayerischer Rundfunk and Arte.
New photos in the gallery
This October Edward Piccin had a photoshooting with the well-known photographer Janine Guldener in Berlin. The pictures of that shooting are of extraordinary quality and show Edward from a whole new side. You can see the pictures in the gallery:
Hosting the movie-magazine "LeuNeu"
A few months ago Edward started hosting the show "LeuNeu" on cable-network "LeuTV". Every month he presents the highlights of the VOD program of Leucom. Here's you way to the archive:
"Achtung Schwiiz!" online
For those who missed "Achtung Schwiiz!" on television, no need to be worried. Here's the link for online-streaming:
"Achtung Schwiiz!" on SRF1
"Achtung Schwiiz!" will be aired on SRF1, Saturday April 16 2016 at 8:10 P.M. Whoever missed the hit-comedy on stage, now is your chance!
"Im Heimatland" on line and on air
The new Swiss comedy-show "Im Heimatland", with Edward as a guest star in some episodes, is now online and on the air. For those who missed a previous episode, here's the link where you can re-watch an episode online:
New musical at Lake Constance
At the end of August a new musical opens in Mammern at Lake Constance: "Seegfrörni", with Edward Piccin in one of the leading roles. A zippy comedy about two communities at Lake Constance, a gigantic film-project and two young lovers. All info on the musical and the showtimes here:
"Jeanne" auf YouTube
Finally on YouTube: The 22-minute short feature "Jeanne" of 2014 with Edward Piccin in the leading role as a secret agent who gets haunted by his past.
Yooture TV-commercial
A TV-commercial for the "Yooture" job-app with Edward as a happy computer scientist.
Solidar Viral-Ad online
In China pots and pans are being produced under degrading circumstances. Edward appears in a viral clip that points out the drawback:
Shooting new TV-Series
At the end of October 2015 Edward Piccin starts shooting some episodes for the upcoming TV-Series "Im Heimatland", which will be aired in spring 2016 by TeleZüri, Tele M1, TeleBärn, TV24 and MyPrime by UPC Cablecom. Edward plays the postman Tim, who falls in love with a considerably older woman. Shooting takes place in Basel under the direction of Tom Kubiak, who also developed the show.
"Achtung Schwiiz!" pre-sale has begun!
The hit-comedy "Achtung Schwiiz!" is back on stage! From December 17 until December 31 2015 at the Casinotheater Winterthur. Get your tickets now!!
"ManneZimmer" back on TV!!
Fans have been waiting for years, now Swiss Television Network finally shows "ManneZimmer" again on TV. Weekly there is one episode with Edward Piccin as the most memorable Röbi Flückiger with the colored hair. All info on the show and when you can see it:
New musical "Tom Träumer" - rehearsals have begun
The rehearsals for the new musical "Tom Träumer" have begun! The show premieres on October 17 2015 with Edward Piccin in the title role. In the fairy tale story by author Andrew Bond an irish boy causes a lot of trouble for him an his mother because of his constant daydreams. But in the phantastic "Otherland" his dreams are desperately needed...
"Flapper & Friends" on TV again
Currently SRF1 is resuming the kid's program "Flapper & Fründe", with Edward as the voice of Flapper. For those who missed the show, here's the link:
Now there is a button on the right hand side where you can get to Edward's Instagram-account to follow his posts or to like his fotos. Or you can just click this link here:
You can also find other buttons to Edward's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube-Accounts on the right hand side.
Radio-drama "Facebook-Liiche" on swiss radio SRF1
On Monday June 1 at 2:00 P.M. CET swiss radiostation SRF1 airs the radio-drama "Facebook-Liiche" with Edward as a computerfreak. All info:
Imagevideo for
A short imagevideo for "" with Edward's voice-over.
Radiodrama online - stream or download
For those who missed the radiodrama "Die Frau mit den silbernen Augen" on Swiss Radionetwork SRF3, heres the link to stream or download the show for free:
Radiodrama "Die Frau mit den silbernen Augen"
From Monday May 4 2015 throughout the week: trash-radiodrama "Die Frau mit den silbernen Augen" on Swiss Radionetwork SRF3, with Edward as one of the main characters. All info:
"The Ring Thing" on channel 5+
On thursday March 26 at 8.15 P.M. CET swiss network 5+ airs the comedy "The Ring Thing" (2004) with Edward Piccin in the leading role.
Pilot for radio play
Today Edward records the pilot of a radioplay for Swiss National Broadcast SRF3. Written and directed by Karin Berri, the series entitled "The Woman with the Silver Eyes" is going to be a pulp fiction show in the style of a 40ies radio show, presumably to be aired in May 2015.
"Coop Sparfuchs" goes italian
Since summer 2013 Edward gives his voice to the vivid mascot of Coop. Sometimes the fury "Sparfuchs" is almost too vivid, as you can see here:
"Flapper" on SRF1
From today on Swiss television network SRF1 is showing the animation-series "Flapper" with Edward's voice as the main character. Weekdays at 5.25 P.M. C.E.T.
Radio play "Facebook-Liiche"
On October 29 2014 Edward participates in the radio play "Facebook-Liiche" by author Beat Ramseyer, in which he plays a computer hacker. The production is directed by Isabel Schaerer and will be aired on Radio SRF 1 next year.
"Jeanne" is a participant at many Film-Festivals
The short feature "Jeanne" with Edward Piccin in the leading role is shown on various festivals:
At the Orlando Film Festival (22.-26. Oktober 2014), at the Great Lakes International Film Festival in Erie, and October 12 at 4:30 P.M. at the 1st International Filmfest in Potsdam.
Plus it is running at the Viewster Festival, where YOU can also vote. Watch and vote here:
Dubbing "Flapper"
Currently Edward is dubbing the Polish animation-series "Flapper". The show is about a friendly rabbit and his friends and is designed for preschool children. "Flapper" will be broadcasted in the end of November 2014 weekdays at 5:30 P.M. on SRF1.
"Achtung Schwiiz!" is a smash hit!
The comedy "Achtung Schwiiz!" with Edward as the bubbly Italian Enzo is a smash hit! Nearly all shows are almost completely sold out. A few additional shows are being played, so those who haven't got a ticket yet get another chance.
"Achtung Schwiiz!" ticket pre-sale
The tickets for the upcoming comedy "Achtung Schwiiz!" at the Casinotheater in Winterthur, Switzerland with Edward as a spirited italian are highly requested! Those who want tickets have to hurry up now!
Short feature "Jeanne" - website and trailer online
This February Edward was in Germany to shoot the impressive thriller "Jeanne" at the Bavaria Studios and on location in a castle in Bavaria. The short feature is based on a poem by author C.F. Meyer. On you can find lots of info on the production, many pictures and a short teaser-trailer.
Commercial shooting for sky
This wednesday Edward shoots a commercial for the german pay-tv channel sky.
"Achtung, Schwiiz!" - Sept. 4 2014 - Casinotheater Winterthur
In fall 2014 Edward Piccin returns to the Casinotheater Winterthur stage. In the hilarious comedy "Achtung Schwiiz!" he will portray the italian womanizer Enzo who has to fake a typical swiss family together with his flat share partners. An undertaking likely to go wrong...! Enjoyable confusions non-stop! The play premieres on September 4 2014 and will run until October 4. It is directed by Stefan Huber, the dialect translation of the original by Stefan Vögel was carried out by Peter Niklaus Steiner. Tickets and info on the play under:
Stream or download "Pilgrim"
For all those who missed the radio play "Pilgrim" on the air (with Edward Piccin as one of the episode's main characters), here's the link to stream or download the show for free:
"Pilgrim" on air
This Friday March 14 at 20:03 P.M. the radio fantasy-drama "Pilgrim" airs on SRF 1. Edward plays one of the episode main characters. All infos on
"Emil and the Detectives" nominated for the Prix Walo
The family-musical "Emil and the Detectives" with Edward in the leading role may be over, but the cast can look forward to May 18 2014, where the annual award-show of the Prix Walo takes place at the Kongresshaus in Zurich, Switzerland. It is the most important prize in Swiss showbusiness and the cast and crew of "Emil" got nominated in the category "stage productions"! All infos on
"glanz & gloria" report on "Emil and the Detectives"
The opening of the family musical "Emil and the Detectives" on Nov. 16 2013 at the Bernhard Theater in Zurich was a big success. The entertainment-show "glanz & gloria" made a brief report. Here's the link:
"Emil und die Detektive" - Now on Facebook
"Emil und die Detektive" with Edward as the main character is now on Facebook.
In order to stay up to date with the musical, simply like the Facebook-Page.
"Emil und die Detektive" - Website online
From November 16 2013 Edward Piccin performs young Emil from "Emil und die Detektive" at the Bernhardtheater in Zurich, Switzerland. The children's musical is based on the famous children's book by Erich Kästner. Erich Vock and Hubert Spiess are directing the play. Tickets are on sale now!
Commercial "Simon"
The very much impressive commercial by and for director Juri Steinhart with Edward Piccin as a human robot is online!
MACY-Videoclip with Edward Piccin
"Doodlediddle", the music video of Swiss rockband MACY is here! With Marina Daniela and Edward Piccin as a young couple in love. A great feel-good song and clip. Directed by Florian Schweer.
"Geisterbilder" on Vimeo
The short-film "Geisterbilder" by Christian Jäger (shot in 2003, re-released as a director's cut in 2011) can be seen on Vimeo. The movie is about a young man who completely loses himself in the world of dime novel-hero John Sinclair.
Stempeltage on StarTV
On Thursday, January 24 2013 at 8:00 P.M. CET swiss TV-station StarTV shows the feature film „Stempeltage“ starring Edward Piccin as a young unemployed man trying to make a living.
Ameisenweg on StarTV
On Thursday, January 10 2013 swiss TV-station StarTV shows the feature film „Ameisenweg“ with Edward Piccin as a hard-line cop investigating a murder and looking for a missing boy.
Ad-campaign Migros Fitnesspark
On January 12 2013 the "lange Nacht der offenen Fitnessparks" will take place in all Migros Fitnessparks in the Zurich area. Edward Piccin is the face and voice of the ad-campaign:
Image-film for "Komplott Netzwerk"
On December 11 Edward is shooting a corporate film with director Juri Steinhart for the creative pool “Komplott Netzwerk” in Berne, Switzerland. Edward plays a cyborg who’s speaking about his emotions.
Media Markt Commercial
The new, crazy campaign for Media Markt is now on air with Edward Piccin and his fellow actor Rolf Sommer in one of the four commercials.
Event notice: "Geisterbilder" (with Edward Piccin in the lead) and "Wheel of Fortune", 2 short features by Christian Jäger. Screening on Saturday October 20, 7:30 P.M. CET, at Galerie Teapot, Herwarthstr.3, Cologne. Introduction by Regina Barunke.
Reading at the BiZE Zurich
On September 22 between 14:00 and 17:00 together with three colleagues Edward Piccin will read from the works of students of the EB Zurich at the closing ceremony of the 9th class of «literary writing». The event will take place at the auditorium of the BiZE, Riesbachstrasse 11, CH-8008 Zurich.
"Villa Wahnsinn" on radio DRS 1
From September 10 2012 on, Monday to Friday between 19:03 and 20:00 CET, swiss radio station DRS 1 airs the 10-part audio-book "Villa Wahnsinn" in its kids-show "Zambo". The story about a boy who moves in an old, tumbledown mansion in the country is read by Edward Piccin. The writer is swiss author Alice Gabathuler. The show was directed by Elena Rutman. Here's a clip from the show:
"Sommervögel" on SF1
On Sunday, May 20 at 20:05 CET Swiss Television Broadcast is showing the feature "Sommervögel" on SF1, in which Edward Piccin plays the part of an attorney. Directed by Paul Riniker.
Advice & tricks with Roli
On April 20 and 21 Edward Piccin has his first assignment as "Roli" at the Surseepark shopping mall in Sursee, Switzerland. The theme of the show is "Advice & tricks with Roli" where Edward entertainingly demonstrates various secrets concerning house and garden. First it's all about the proper use of high-pressure cleaners. "Roli" will interview an expert on location to find out all there is on the subject. The event is open to all Surseepark-visitors.
Become a fan and find out all about "Advice & tricks with Roli":
New audio-book
On April 10 and 11 2012 Edward will be at the studios of Swiss radio DRS1 to record the audio-book "Villa Wahnsinn" by Alice Gabathuler. The story is about the adventures of a young boy who moves in an old, tumbledown mansion in the country. Elena Rutman is directing. The airing-date of the ten episode show will be in fall 2012.
Sertal Pen
Short commercial about the new Sertal Pen with voice-over by Edward Piccin.
On tour with family musical
Until the end of March Edward Piccin will be on tour through Switzerland with the familiy musical "Ds Hippigschpängschtli und der guldig Schlüssel". Showtimes and locations can be found here:
Edward Piccins website completely revised
Since January 12 2012 is online in a completely new look. The site is no longer a flash site but is now created in contemporary HTML5, which also allows mobile devices to access. New fotos were added to the gallery and all the demoreels were revised and posted in a higher resolution. Besides there is a link to social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Follow Edward on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook and stay up-to-date!
New film for ZHdK
In the end of December Edward played a part in Jérôme Furrers short-film "Schlussgang", a project for the Academy of Arts Zurich (ZHdK). In the movie he portrayed a doping dealer.
Coop Rechtsschutz - Robin Good
Edward Piccin is the voice of Robin Good, the hero of the radio-play series by Coop Rechtsschutz. Every second week he is solving another intriguing case. You can find all the episodes here:
Interview with Edward Piccin
The April-issue of the Swiss Performing Artists Society SBKV features an elaborate interview with Edward Piccin.

You can download a pdf of the "Das Ensemble" magazine here:
Campaign for Swisscom Vivo Casa
In the television ad campaign of Swisscom Vivo Casa Edward plays an eccentric program-guru. The sumptuous internet-ads can be viewed with this link (Edward's realm is on the upper left):
Edward Piccin as a data packet
With this link you can see Edward Piccin in a humorous role as a data packet: